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Kikosi Kazi is a group which is consisted of Tanzania’s top notch hip hop artist’s who are the very best to represent hip hop music here in Tanzania. The members include; One the Incredible, Nikki Mbishi, Zaiid, P the MC, Azma,Stereo, Mansu Li and Songa. The group Kikosi kazi consists of artists who have been in the music industry for the past 10+ years and have had a great impact on educating the younger generation on life skills and how to survive in any environment through their rich lyrical content. The group Kikosi Kazi combined has a huge demographic reach as each. With all this arsenal Kikosi Kazi has been working hard to educate, motivate and entertain fans all over the world, with a strong team behind this massive team we are able to send our message and leave a mark for generations to come

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